Q. How do I know that my order will be sent out discreetly?

A. Each order you please with us is send out in a plain white box with no markings or logos on the outside. So nobody will be able to tell what is insdie your box of pleasure.

Q. I am not sure what size dildo to purchase for my first time?

A. If it is your first time purchasing a dildo we recommend purchasng one of our smaller sizes to get use to first. Then you can order our bigger ones, once you are comfortable with the smaller size dildo.

Q. I want to order my first bondage toy, but how do I know where to start?

A. When you are starting off with bondage toys we recommend starting with a toy that does not cause a lot of pain to begin with, like a whip. Once you have got used to the feel of the whip on your skin and are happy with then you can try some of our more harder bondage toys. 

Q. I want to purchase your products but I am not sure which one to buy?

A. We are always here to help, so please feel free to contant us with any questons you have about our toys and we will do our best to help you.

Q. I work in the adult industry and would like to know how to organise an interview with you?

A. Please feel free to fill out the contact page or email us at liquidvybesstore@outlook.com. Thank you.