ZDR Blade Runner

ZDR Blade Runner

Coming on Saturday 3rd August at the Union Club in Vauxhall, London is ZDR’s Blade Runner event sponsored by JOYClub.com.

So let us ask the amazing lady who's behind ZDR Events some questions.

Hello Zara thank you for taking the time to talk to us about ZDR Blade Runner.

Q. Could you explain to our readers what ZDR Blade Runner is all about?

A. ZDR Blade Runner is kink/fetish party, open to everyone! This is the first time for us using the Blade Runner theme, we have previously had events such as ZDR Wonderland, Pleasure in Atlantis, Intergalactic Filth & Dirty Dali/Surrealism and Sleaze. So always something creative.

Q. What made you come up with the Blade Runner Theme?

A. I am a big fan of the original film and it has a huge cult following in the fetish scene. The aesthetic of the movie works perfectly for our venue to dress into a dystopian playground! We always try to think of themes that inspire our guests for their outfits.

Q. What will be at the event for people to see and take part in?

A. The ZDR events in London are best described as Kinky Club Nights – so we have DJ's and dancing, there is a bar and social space, walkabout performances and edgy stage shows to enjoy. We also have 2 playrooms at this venue, one dungeon setting & another shibari rope area for those wanting to indulge in the play aspect of the night.

Q. Is there a dress code or outfit theme for this event?

A. Yes, as always we have a “dress to impress” rule in place, but this does not mean you have to wear full fetish outfits (if thats not your thing) and it is not mandatory to dress within the theme. We want our guests to feel comfortable and sexy in what they wear. If you are a first timer then smart dresses and suits are absolutely fine. We have a pinterest page for inspiration for those looking to get more ideas also. Check it out here: www.pinterest.co.uk/zdrevents

Q. We have seen on EventBrite ticket page that you will be having the debut show by Duo Millers. What kind of performances are they?

A. We are really excited to have Duo Millers at ZDR events for the first time, this couple are incredibly talented in acrobatics and choreographed balance acts with a sexy twist! There is still more performances of varied styles and talents to be added to the page soon too… keep your eyes peeled!

Q. Lastly could you let our readers know what the rules are for the event?

A. As always, consent is key! We have a list of basic rules on our website which are also posted on our ticket page and in the venue on the night. Safety of our guests is incredibly important so we also have the ZDR Team on hand throughout the night for any questions/concerns. They are always wearing a gold ZDR sash so you can easily spot them if needed!

Thank you so much Zara for taking the time to explain ZDR Blade Runner and letting our readers know what to expect.

For more information on this exciting event click on the link below

More importantly to book your tickets for Blade Runner click the link below www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/zdr-blade-runner-tickets-860170863207