Manchester Fetish Weekend

Manchester Fetish Weekend

Manchester Fetish Weekend aims to bring the fetish community together over three days from October 18th to October 20th in Manchester.

So let us ask them some questions about this event. Hello Manchester Fetish Weekend. Thank you for taking the time to talk about your event.

Q. Can you let our readers know what the aim of your Fetish Weekend is?

A. The aim of the weekend is to be safe, educational and fun whilst bringing the fetish community together regardless of gender, sexual orientation or fetish.

Q. What do you hope your weekend will achieve?

A. We are creating a weekend for the full fetish community to come together. We are putting our own events on; however, we are also trying to use it as a platform for all groups, performers, events, shops and venues that already run to promote what they do, who they are aimed at, contact details, etc.

Q. Can people that come to the event get involved and help?

A. Oh most certainly. We have some workshop spaces that we want to collaborate with and we have panel discussions in the planning that we want people and communities to participate in.

We want to provide demonstrations with Q&As on things such as choking correctly, what areas not to flog and honestly, the list goes on and on, but we would like everyone involved.

Q. If people would like to give their opinions on what they would like to see at your event how can they get involved?

A. We are keen to use our social gatherings to listen to hear what works well and what could be brought to Manchester in the future, either as a new service or an adaptation of something that already runs.

Q. Will you be holding meeting to discuss your plans for the event?

A. We do not plan on holding any monthly meet-ups, etc. It will be purely a weekend a year of the full fetish community coming together to support one another. However, people are more then welcome to interact with us on our socials with thoughts and ideas about the event.

Thank you so much Manchester Fetish Weekend for taking the time to explain you event to us and letting our readers know what to expect.

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