The importance of foreplay

The importance of foreplay

We all enjoy good sex, but without foreplay before the sex it is like having a good main meal without a good starter. It tastes good, but you did not warm your palate up first for the main course. 

When it comes to foreplay some people feel it starts just before sex. However to really enjoy your sex, foreplay can start as soon as you feel or know you are going to have sex with your sexual partner. So if you feel or know you are going to have sex in the evening, but are with the person you are going to have sex with from the beginning of the day, start the foreplay as early as you can. Now this does not mean jump into the deep end, but start slowly and build up the pressure throughout the day.

You can start by sending a sexy message if you are not with your sexual partner at the start of the day. Now there are two types of messagese you can send. The first is a written sexy message to get the mind of your sexual partner thinking about the sex later. The second is a sexy photo. Now when we mean a sexy photo nothing nude, just something teasing and showing some flesh, but not all. 

Now, if you are already with your sexual partner from the start of the day, you can kiss and caress your sexual partner throughout the day and as the day goes on you can also tell them what you are going to do to them later that night.

If you are spending the day together and have a free day make sure you plan something nice to do together. Find something you both enjoy doing and do that during the day. As you are spending the day together make sure you both dress how your partner likes you to dress. When you are eating together, either go to a nice restaurant or cook your partner their favourite meal. 

After you have both had a lovely day together and enjoyed your food do not just rush to the sex part. Take your time. Slowly undress each other, while kissing and touching each other. Then give each other a massage before you start to tease each other sexually. 

This is where everything you have done in the day will build up to the best foreplay and ultimately amazing sex.

If you have any questions about foreplay please feel free to message us.

Happy foreplay everyone.




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