Three is company

Three is company

They say two is company and three is a crowd, but we say three is not only company, but a lot of fun. Now to some of you reading this we guess you have already had a threesome, but to some of you couples, you might have thought or even talked about it, but have never had one. So in this blog we will explain the best ways to sort out your first threesome. 

Now the first step is always communication. The best way to start off a good threesome starts before the sex. The first part is to make sure you both agree to trying a threesome and also if you are a couple do you want a male or female to join you for the first time. Once you have discussed having the threesome and both agreed to how the threesome will go, the next step is to find the person you want to have the threesome with. There are a few ways to go about this. One way is to talk and ask a very close friend. Now this might not be for everyone, as you may feel a little bit shy to bring this topic up, but if you are not that it can be a very easy and straight forward way to start your first threesome. If this way feels a little much you can try two other ways. The first is to go out and try and pick up a man or lady on a night out, or if that is a bit too much you can join a swingers website like On this site you can fill out what you are looking for and look and people's profiles that you like. Then you can send them a message explaning what you are looking for.

Once you have found the man or women you would like to meet the next step is to find a place you feel comfortable to meet and have your threesome. Some of you might not feel comfortable for the first time about inviting them to your place or going to theirs, so we suggest booking a hotel room. Now one of the benefits of this is in case it does not go the way to think you can all just leave. However we hope it does. 

To make sure nobody steps over anyone's sexual boundaries on this first meet it is a good idea if you all explain cleary what you like sexually and also what you might be willing to try. This can change the more you feel comfortable with exploring the fun of a threesome.

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Happy threesomes everyone.

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