The pleasures of tantric sex

The pleasures of tantric sex

Let us start of with explaining what tantric sex is. Trantric sex is an ancient Indian practice that is more then 5,000 years old. In Sanskirt, the word tantra means woven together. The practice joins the sexuality and spirituality into one. 

If you are thinking of starting tantric sex, but are not sure where to start, here is a short beginner's guide. The first step is to start in a place you and your sexual partner are comfortable in. The second step is to meditate. This means to be as aware as your surrounding as possible. Then start to take deep breaths, inhale slowly. Keep doing this until you start to feel a stronger sexual feeling inside you. Lastly lie down next to each other, you can even hold hands while doing the breathing.  

After these steps, sit up with your legs crossed and look into each other's eye. It might feel strange at first, but keep eye contact on each other, while doing your breathing. After 5 mintues start to undress each other, if you still have clothes on at this point. Then use your hands and lips to touch and kiss your sexual partner. Once you have done this you can move onto giving each other a massage. Take your time with the massage. 

As the sexual tension builds, do not rush to orgasm, take your time and tease and edge your sexual partner. The longer you tease and edge your sexual partner the greater the orgasm will be. 

Tantric sex does not always have to end in penetration, however if that is how you both feel during the build up by all means explore penetration. On a number of occasions the sexaul feeling from the build up will be more intense then penetration.

Happy tantric sex everyone.


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