Exploring the fun of sexual role-play

Exploring the fun of sexual role-play

Who does not like to dress up and act from time to time? Well if you do, why not enjoy the fun that can come from sexual role-play. Sexual role-play can involve you and your sexual partner or you and a number of people and it starts a long time before the act of sex. 

Sexual role-paly can happen in the real world, the internet or through your phone. It may start for example through your phone by texting or whatsapp and acting out a character, then it can move to the point of meeting and continuing the charater when you meet at say a bar or a club. The important and fun part is to stay in character for as long as you can. So maybe you and your sexual partner really like  a certain type of movie or comic book, so you both dress up like that character and have fun playing as them with each other. 

Sexual role-play does not always have to end in sex. It can involve using bondage toys and equipment. For example, one of you could be a cop and make an arrest and have to punish the criminal or you can be a nurse and have to heal your wounded patient. So what are you waiting for? Get those wigs ready, those special outfits and let you mind run wild and become someone else for a day or a night.

If you are looking for some bondage outfits, we sell a police, nurse and a pilot bondage kit to help you with all your sexual role-playing needs.

Happy sexual role-playing everyone.

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