Adding sex toys into your relationship

Adding sex toys into your relationship

A lot of people use sex toys these days, but it can be a bit tricky to bring this topic up with your partner. In this blog we will discuss how to add sex toys into your relationship and sex play.

The first thing we recommend is to talk to your partner to see if they are comfortable with adding sex toys in your sex play. If they are, then the next step would be to talk about what your favourite sex toy or toys are and if you partner has never used them before, then it will help to show them it and how it works. So when you both use it for the first time your partner is not overwhelmed, especially if it is a very big size sex toy. 

Once you have both agreed you are happy with the sex toy or toys then start off using them slowly, staying aware that your partner is ok with the use of them. Do not rush while using them. Now you can use the sex toy just to warm up and tease your sexual partner or you can use it as part of the penetration. You may find that certain positions of your body make the experience more enjoyable then others and heighten your sexual experience with your partner. 

Thank you for reading our blog and if you now thinking of adding sex toys for the first time with your partner we are happy to offer you advice and help when or if you connect us. Also make sure you check out our sex toy page for the best sex toys to use.

Happy sex toy play everyone.



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