Adding anal toys to your play time

Adding anal toys to your play time

Knowing where to start with anal toys if you have never used them before, or not had much experience can be a bit of a strange topic to bring up with your sexual partner. You might not know how to start using them. So we are here to offer you all the advice you need.

If you want to start with anal toys, but have never used them before, one of the best ways to start is while sitting in a warm bath when you are relax, try using a finger and slowly pushing it into your ass. Before you do this, you can use the shower to wash your ass and also with the warm water, it will help relax your ass. 

If this feels ok for you, after you have finshed your bath or shower and dried off, try placing a finger in your ass again. The first few times you do this, you may need to use lube to help your finger slid in. 

Once you are comfortable with these two steps, then you can move on to using your first anal toy. We would recommend for the first few times using a small anal toy. This will not put too much pressure on your ass. If you are using your anal toy with your sexual partner, then ask them to help you slowly place it into your ass. If you feel a sharp pain then stop and do it slower. It helps if you are both kissing each other while placing your anal toy inside you. As the more relaxed you feel, the better the anal toy inside you will feel.

Like anything new it can feel strange at first, but the more you use anal toys, the more fun you and your sexual partner will have. If you need any more advice about anal toys please feel free to contact us. We are happy to offer our advice. So now you know about anal toys make sure you check out our shop.

Happy anal toy play everyone.



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