Zara Fox

Zara Fox

Hello Zara Fox. Thank you for doing this interview with us. 

Q. Could you let our readers know about yourself and your work?

A. Hi! I am Zara, or Mistress Zara Fox to subs! I am 28 and from the UK.
I started in the adult industry at the start of 2022. Just doing generic Onlyfans and adult content. It was not until I scratched an itch to become a pro dominatrix that I really felt at home!

I am now a Dominatrix, both online and in real-time sessions. I also create content which is one of my favourite parts of the job! To be able to be creative, and then receive lovely feedback from consumers is just an amazing feeling.

Q. You started being a dominatrix in 2023. What made you start this work?

A. I was doing standard adult content, but I was not 100% up for it. I was often being made out to be submissive and that is just not me. I have always been dominant in my own personal life, so I decided to just go for it. I did not expect for it to now become my full-time job!

Q. What are some for the enjoyable parts of your job?

A. I love all aspects for different reasons. In person sessions are amazing, to be able to create a safe space for individuals to explore their kinks with no judgement.

I love creating content and making it however I want it to be. It is such a good feeling to see a clip be purchased over and over.

I also love the fact that in this job, I can be whoever I want to be. I am my own brand and I do not have to conform to any standard or follow anyone else. You literally get to design your brand however you want!

Q. Is there anything in your work that surprises you or as taken time to get used to?

A. TIMEWASTERS! One thing I never expected to be SUCH an issue is people wasting your time. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. I never knew there is a literal kink for wasting time!

That being said, those are a small percentage. I am surprised by how quickly I have gained regular clients, and the bond I have created with them. I love that I provide a space for them to be who they want to be, and they always leave my sessions feeling ecstatic.

Q. Do you look for a certain type of client when doing your dominatrix?

A. No. I consider all emails I receive. If the potential client sends an email saying “hey” however they will not get a response. I think it is important for the initial correspondence to have had some thought behind it!

In terms of kink, again I consider all! I definitely thrive more with sissification, feminisation, humiliation and degradation, though.

I am constantly learning how to improve and how to add different skills to my belt, so I always want to try different types of session incorporating different kinks!
As long as the client is respectful and comes into session with an open mind then I am happy!

Q. On your Instagram you have written in your bio probably taller than you. What do you think it is about certain men that like to be dominated by a taller Mistress?

A. It is funny, people used to make fun of me at school for being so tall! Now it is one of my main selling points!

I believe it is because *typically* women are smaller than men. So pair me, already tall, with some 7 inch pleasers, and it completely changes the dynamic. A lot of subs enjoy to be beneath their domme, and with me they don’t even need to be on their knees!

Q. To your many slaves and fans what has Mistress Zara Fox have coming up in the new future?

A. I have a whole diary full of content ideas. This year I really want to be focusing on my online work, as well as still providing fabulous sessions in real time.
I want to work with a variety of mistress’ this year also! I think working alongside ladies with different session style and demeanour can teach you things and also what’s more fun than being mean to men with another cruel mistress!

Thank you so much Zara Fox for this interview. Keeping shinning lovely lady.

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