Zara DuRose

Zara DuRose

Hello Zara DuRose. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you let our readers know who you are and what you do in the adult industry?

A. I am Zara DuRose and there are quite a few things I am involved in, such as, fetish modelling, starring in porn movies, producing my own films, running kink events, escorting and now my own product range! I have previously done cam work and Dominatrix sessions too. So I have covered quite a few aspects of the industry!

Q. How long have you worked in the adult industry and what made you decide to work in this industry?

A. I started professionally in 2012 and went straight into filming boy/girl porn scenes, before then I have done the odd alternative/fetish photoshoot and have always showed an interest in the creative side of modelling. My last job as an employee was in a sex shop in Soho. I have always been very open minded and my husband and I never had a 'conventional' relationship when it came to involving others and exploring kinks etc. Filming and being involved in porn was always an interest of mine and after a discussion with hubby about boundaries and what we were both comfortable with, it was the right time to jump in and make a business out of it! I always knew I wanted to make ZDR a brand and explore the industry as a whole.

Q. If there was anything you could change in the adult industry what would that be and why?

A. From my experience, the industry as a whole is a great community full of amazing people. The main issues come from government and the banking sector who are constantly causing issues for those of us simply making a living (legally) with what we do! There has been a huge rise of sex workers having their accounts shut down by banks and the new 'online safety bill' being pushed through without any discussion with the people it actually affects. I wish those in charge (who are often consumers in some form) would actually consult our industry for an open discussion rather than trying to shut us down under the guise of 'save the children'. There is also been a rise of 'content creators' since OF become popular which has attracted a number of people who have no idea how to conduct themselves professionally – lack of understanding when it comes to STI testing (which is taken very seriously and regulated within the industry), guys behaving in a predatory manor and thinking they are a porn star because they have an OF page…There is a sex worker union ( and groups like SNAP ( who have plenty of information and support available for those looking to find out more.

Q. You have won many awards in the adult industry. Which one are you the proudest of winning and why?

A. I have always been incredibly thankful for the awards I have received (I have 9!) some of them have been via fan votes and others via industry professional choices – either way it is wonderful to receive recognition for my work! I have always been thrilled to receive them, my mantlepiece is decorated with the trophies and I am all proud of every one, it is hard to choose a favourite!

Q. You have set up and been running ZDR events. For those that have not heard about them could you explain what these events are and where they are held?

A. I run events in London (3-4 times a year) & Brighton (2 events a year) – but have previously held them in Manchester and Coventry also. They are kink events, where we create safe spaces for adults wanting to explore and socialise. Not full swinger parties and not hardcore fetish, so a nice middle ground which is non threatening and fun. We have rules, of course and a dress code (more info on The nights include dancing, social spaces, stage shows, walkabout performances and playrooms/dungeons. Some of the events (like Wonderland 3-4th August) also have workshops and stalls too.

Q. At the ZDR is there a theme and dress code at each event and if so, how do you come up with the theme?

A. We always say “dress to impress” - so no street wear/jeans/t-shirts etc, but it does not mean you have to come in full fetish gear. For those wanting to dip their toes into the scene, it can often be intimidating to have to dress outside of your comfort zone. Suits, cocktail dresses and smart wear is the minimum. We have a pinterest page for inspiration ( and are happy to discuss options for those coming to ZDR events for the first time! The themes have either been chosen via votes online or they have been my vision where I can create certain stage/decor set ups to do something different. I love how our guests enjoy creating outfits for the theme and come with the most creative ideas!

The next themes are:
Dirty Dali – Surrealism & Sleaze (22nd March in
Runner - (1st June Vauxhall London) – tickets on sale soon!

Wonderland (3-4th August, mansion location event with accommodation, stalls, workshops etc)

Narnia – (November 23rd Vauxhall London)

Q. As well as running ZDR events you are involved in the UK Fetish Awards each year. What is your role here and how did you get involved in it?

A. My first involvement with the UK Fetish Awards was in 2020 when ZDR Events won Best UK Fetish Event. In 2022 I hosted the awards on stage with Rico and in 2023 I became a 50/50 partner with them so am essentially running it alongside my business partner. It was a new project for me to get involved with creatively and I love celebrating what our scene has to offer here in the UK. There are big things planned for the coming years….

Q. You have also released a range of latex care products. Why did you decide to bring out this range?

A. I always had the plan to make ZDR a brand via different channels and got introduced to a connection via the super car club I am involved with who make lubes etc here in the UK. Latex has always been a huge passion of mine and I wanted to offer high quality shine and care products which are made here. It has been a process of lots of testing and R&D but we now have something which I am proud to put my name to. We will be changing the labelling on the next product run and also releasing ZDR lubricants (and possibly massage oils also…) in the near future. You can currently buy ZDR Shine at Harness and Mane in London and I will be selling them via markets such as LAM, the BBB, Le Boutique Bazarre etc. Also available via and hopefully other UK shops and retailers at some point in the near future.

Q. Lastly what can your fans expect from Zara DuRose this year?

A. More filth and fun! I have got content shoots planned for my fan sites (which is where you will find my most recent porn clips…) some trips abroad to work for other porn companies, I am on tour for my escort side of things regularly (dates on X) and of course the upcoming events and awards! I also recently launched a car hire side project ( and looking forward to a summer of car events and track days! The years since I joined the industry have flown by because there is so many different projects to spend my time on!

Thank you very much Zara DuRose for this great interview. Keep shinning lovely lady.

To learn more about Zara DuRose and her events check out her website