Hello WEONLYUS. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Q. Could you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

A. Hello, my name is David Stewart, and I am the publisher of WEONLYUS magazine, a men’s and alternative lifestyle publication with articles, music, and models. I have been creating underground hip-hop music since I was a young teen, and our publication now reflects my musical creativity. GTMMAG, a rap magazine, was the beginning of my previous publication, which later evolved into something more akin to WEONLYUS magazine.

Q. You launched your magazine in late 2023. What made you launch the magazine?

A. After GTMMAG, my previous magazine, ran its course, I took a little break from the group I was working with and gave it some serious thought as to what else could be done. In 2018, I was involved in a car accident that completely rocked my world and left me disabled for several years. I was finally feeling completely rehabilitated and ready for a new adventure at the beginning of last year.

Q. For our readers that are finding out about you for the first time here what topics does your magazine cover?

A. The magazine WEONLYUS covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including politics and music. Additionally, we enjoy emphasising positivity and anything that fits under the alternative or underground category. A few of our regular pieces are “Crown it 100,” a playlist of the songs we believe to be the best 100 rap/hip-hop tracks of the year, “Devils Dirty Dozen,” a playlist curated by our good friend and multi-published model Devil Doll, and “All that is WTF,” a piece about news stories that leave you scratching your head and saying, “WTF!” Finally, there are lyrics, stories, and interviews with the models that appear in the magazine.

Q. How do you decide who will be featured in your magazine?

A. I enjoy spotting originality and positive things. We never want to fit into a single category. There are a plethora of genres for model features, including fashion, OnlyFans, boudoir, cosplay, pinup, fetish, and tattoos. We will feature any genre of music, but we usually focus on rap and hip-hop. The magazine always has an underground vibe to it and we like to keep it edgy. There is more to it than just entering the pictures; we also review the content that is submitted. The amount of photos, size of the photos, quality, and body direction are all considered. The key elements that make a front cover pop off the page are reserved for the most imaginative.

Q. Why did you decide to focus on the adult world?

A. The adult content creator and adult film star Catherine Tayler was featured on several occasions in our former publication, GTMMAG. It was a pleasure working with her because she was very grounded. Along with featuring other producers of adult content, we received an increasing number of submissions of adult content as our issues were published. There were relatives and acquaintances of mine who detested the turn the magazine had taken and found it difficult to be perceived that way. After that magazine came to an end, I at last gained some perspective and realised that I enjoyed being involved in the adult industry as well as creating the magazine. The stigma that is attached to the adult entertainment industry is terrible, and I have met some of the most kind and genuine people in the business. I wanted the magazine to be a place where people could be highlighted, be themselves, and promote their content because Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are censoring and shadowbanning adult content. Putting in a lot of effort, time, and patience is necessary to become an adult film star or an Onlyfans model. It is a job like any other, and it is a hobby like any other. We ought to be honoured for who we are rather than despised for who we are.

Q. What makes your magazine stand out from other magazines in this industry?

A. One thing I have observed about other magazines is how much of them are plug and play. That is to say, there is no text on the pages—all of the pages are pictures. One issue may include a large number of models, and they are rotated constantly. In addition to the numerous photos in WEONLYUS magazine, we also have articles, playlists, and features that are always filled with interviews or write-ups. We distinguish ourselves by the number of pages that features receive. Our secondary features range from four to eight pages, while our main features span eight to fourteen pages. It is often considered lucky for a model to receive four pages. We believe there should be a sufficient number of pages to support the photo shoot and allow the model to be fully featured. We treat bands, artists, and companies in the same way. Finally, we advertise our features far beyond the publications in which they appear. We advertise our features on our website and on social media, and we give them one-page ads for three volumes at minimum following the volume in which they appear.

Q. Could you let our readers know what you have coming up for the rest of the year?

A. One of the major events we have planned is the feature with yourself featuring Laur Vincent and Mercedes, which was captured by Collective Photography. Additionally, a new volume featuring the “Sanctuary of Sin’’ brand and models Cali Rose and Hannah Louise is on the horizon. We have themed special editions available, and submissions are now being

Accepted for our sexy thief and wet t-shirt specials. Additionally, a cosplay version starring Devil Doll as Jessica Rabbit is being planned. Our objectives for the year include releasing 24 volumes and launching a weekly podcast on Rumble and YouTube. Finally, we will eventually begin to host our own photo shoots and dive into the photography aspect of it. 

Thank you WEONLYUS for this interview. 

To learn more about WEONLYUS make sure to check out their website       www.weonlyus.com