Untamed Nights

Untamed Nights

Q. Hello Untamed Nights. Thank you for doing this interview with us. Let’s start by letting the readers know who and what you are all about?

 A. Untamed Nights was set up by a group of “Fab” friends who ran a successful swingers chat group for many years and held regular social events locally in Bournemouth. We felt the time was right to branch out and to offer private parties for swingers and so Untamed nights was born.

Q. What is your ethos?

A. Our ethos has always been to provide a fun and safe community where people can just be themselves and enjoy. No judgements, no prejudices, no exclusions.

Q. How would you describe how you create the right experience for your guests?

A. Well the directors and staff are all swingers and have a wealth of knowledge in the alternative lifestyle environment. With this knowledge we have built up over time, a great experience for our guests.

Q. Could you let our readers know what you venue consist of?

A. We have a purpose built venue with seven play rooms, including a sex swing room, a cinema room with a crystal clear flat screen TV, a dark room, a spanking room and three standard rooms.

Two of the standard rooms have lockable doors for private play and the spanking room is furnished with a St Andrew’s cross and spanking bench. All areas are complimented with coloured led lighting.

We also provide a four person jacuzzi, sauna, shower room, lockers, a small dance floor with leather sofas and a fully licensed bar to complete a fantastic evening.
Q. Who would you say your parties are aimed for?

A. Our parties are aimed predominantly at couples. Taking you right back to the original roots of partner swapping. We do welcome singles as well to accommodate other dynamics and mixes.

Single males are welcome to our parties, but numbers will be limited at member events to keep the ratio of singles to couples balanced.
The lesser spotted Unicorn / Single lady and TS females are always welcome at untamed nights.

Q.  What type of club is Untamed Nights?

A. Untamed Nights is an inclusive club and safe space for all, so you do you at Untamed Nights. If you are more comfortable cross dressing or dressing in a variety of outfits, we are a safe space to express yourself.

Untamed Nights strives to create a welcoming community where singles and couples can unite to fulfil their untamed desires.

We are a huge advocate for safety and consent and do everything we can to help the community stay safe. This includes educating new guests as to the ettiquette of asking before assuming any kind of interaction with other’s right through to free sexual health testing.

Q. What does 2024 look like for Untamed Nights?

A. Well we have many new ventures on the horizon for 2024, but your readers will have to say tuned to find out.

Thank you so much Untamed Nights for this great interview and letting us inside your world.

To everyone that likes what they read and would like to know more about Untamed Nights check out their website.