Hello SwingHers. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you let our readers know who you are and how you started?

A. Hello LiquidVybes, we are Gush and Blush. We are both single females in our 30s. We actually met in a really wholesome way- we met at a baby group of all places! I think we both just knew we were each other’s type of ‘person’. After a few months of pleasantries, Blush found herself single for the first time in over a decade. Blush was sharing some horror stories of what a ‘shit show’ dating sites were and how much effort she was putting into ultimately- just getting laid. Gush, in her infinite wisdom suggested a swinging/hook up site, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q. How did you but enter the swinging lifestyle?

A. Gush started her swinging lifestyle after attending a sex club some 10 years ago with a friend who was going through a break up and needed to regain some confidence. Gush, already, pretty sexually liberated, was like a duck to water (literally) ended up dropping her towel in the sauna which led to her taking a naked dip in the pool and participating in group sex with an audience.

Since then Gush has fully embraced the swinging lifestyle from being a unicorn, masochist, sadist to dominatrix and subservient. Blush on the very opposite end of the strap on........is a newbie. Blush is on a journey of self discovery, learning what she likes, what she does not and what excites her. Blush had not had sex in three years before she became single (yikes!) ,so she was putting herself out there, rebreaking her hymen and becoming more sexually liberated.

With Gush’s non-judgmental, open minded guidance, Blush has entered into the world of ‘swinging’. She has experienced clubs and socials and pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone with relish.

Q. Can you let our readers know about a funny story that happens to you at your first club experience?

A. The funniest thing that has happened to me was my first club experience, being stalked into every room I went into by ‘Creepy Colin’. I sat down, Colin sat down. I stood up, Colin stood up, I went to another room and Colin would peer around the doorframe and stare at me. Now do not get me wrong, some may find this flattering but Colin with his thick framed glasses, paled complexion you can only get from gaming in your mum’s basement 20 hours a day, was barely covered by a towel, actually drooling and wanking his flaccid cock room to room (now fondly known as the ‘Wanking Dead’.)- Blush.

Attending a social event, leading on to an after party and then somehow starting a ten person orgy in which I was the centre- Gush.

Q. Could you let our readers that might be new to this lifestyle know how to go about starting in the swinger lifestyle?

A. Luckily, neither of us have ever experienced feeling threatened or scared. We both have a checklist of things we do before a meet, including video calling to make sure the person is real, socially meeting someone first before inviting them to our home or going to theirs, agreeing boundaries with the person beforehand and managing expectations, always letting a friend know where we are. In respect of clubs, we have always gone with someone we know and the club owners and workers, in our experience, always have checked to make sure we are comfortable and this has made the experience so much more reassuring.

If you are a couple, discuss the boundaries prior to engaging in activity. Sometimes meeting another couple, who have previous experience in the lifestyle is useful before seeking single peooe. This may help ease you into your comfort zone.

Q. What would you suggest to people to make them feel more comfortable at swinger events.

A. If you are single/a unicorn, make sure you feel comfortable with your playmate(s), set boundaries and discuss safe words. Socials are a great place to start, it enables you to asses the vibe and discuss expectations before engaging in any sexual activity.

Q. What are some of the misconceptions about swinger events?

A. Some common misconceptions are the age old ‘keys in a bowl’ situation for aging, middle aged, vanilla couples who wear mostly brown clothes and grow Pampas Grass in the front garden whilst cheekily winking as the couple next door walk past.

Q. As a sex and bondage toy seller do you ever take toys with you to events?

A. Oh most definitely. Swinging sex toys that we would take with us to an event are remote controlled vibrators, maybe a butt plug and a flogger in Gush’s case.

Q. Thank you very much for this great interview SwingHers. Can you let our readers know how and where they can listen to your podcast?

A. Most certainly. To listen to our weekly podcast, in which we discuss all things swingers, from hook ups to anal hook please click the link below. You can also follow us on social media too.