Q. Hello Sploshmuffin. Thank you for doing this interview with us. Let’s start by letting the readers know who you are and what you do in the adult industry?

A. Hi, I’m Megan aka Sploshmuffin, and I am a Sploshing/Wet And Messy (WAM) Content Creator. I have been making content for the Wet and Messy fetish since the start of 2022 and have since grown an entire community of over 2000 followers, the “Splosh Gang.”

Q. What about the industry do you really enjoy?

A. I am a Kinkster myself actively on The Scene and I genuinely love WAM/Sploshing. Not only do I love to make content to share with the world, but I also take pride in educating people about the fetish and how to take part safely whilst having lots of sexy fun!

Q. What does your filming involve and do you have any help with it?

A. My content is relatively light-hearted but made to the highest quality. I put my heart and soul into my work and the whole business truly is a passion project of mine. I include fetish clothing such as PCV, wet look and lingerie and some kinky props too.

I make my videos with partner/Dom who does all the camera work and helps behind the scenes whilst I am in front of the camera being a Brat and getting gunged, pied, you name it!

Q. What would you say are some of your best achievements in the industry so?

A. My latest and one of my best achievements was being nominated and winning the best fetish newcomer at the UK Fetish Award 2023. One of my best achievements in my first year of Sploshmuffin Productions has been appearing on popular WAM sites like – Messy World, Totally Gunged and The Splatette Show.

I raised over £500 for Samaritans doing a charity gunging video for free on my website Sploshmuffin.com.

I have spread the word about WAM/Sploshing being a guest on a kink podcast “Whips & Giggles” (ep 10) and becoming a Brand Ambassador (wam-bassador) for Messy Pup Gunge!

I regularly have people messaging me, telling about how they have been inspired to embrace more of their WAM fetish following the release of the podcast and my website.

Q. As well as making content what else do you take part in, when it comes to the adult industry?

A. I attend kink events mainly around the Midlands area and am always happy to answer anyone’s questions on WAM. I also have taken part in my friend Bri show called Bsmessybakery. That was a so much fun.

I have travelled all over the country to collaborate with other models making WAM content and have made so many friends along the way.

Other than my partner, my family are my biggest supporters who know all about Sploshmuffin Productions, I am a proud member of the Kink Scene and have achieved so much in less than a year.

Q. What can your fans and expect from you in the future?

A. My plans for the future are to have my own studio with its very own gunge tank, where I can make the best content on the market, but can also offer a safe space for others to work with me, as one of the few Female Producers where I treat the models with the respect they deserve.

Thank you so much Sploshmuffin for this great interview and letting your fans get to know you in more in detail.

Lastly, congratulations on winning Best Fetish Newcomer at the UK Fetish Awards 2023.

To everyone that likes what they have read, please make sure to check out Sploshmuffin's website for a messy and great time.