Secret Desires

Secret Desires

Hello Secret Desires. Thank you for doing this interivew with us.

Q. Can you let our readers know what and who Secert Desires are?

A. We are Secret Desires, parties created for the people in the swinger lifestyle. Our parties are invite only for swingers under 45.

Q. Why did you set up Secret Desires?

A. We started about swinging about seven years ago and started our own party brand event to meet people in the lifestyle and swingers/content creators. Then we set up Secert Desires six years ago for the unique couples and singles under the age of 45 with exclusive guest lists with some of the hottest on the scene.

Q. What venue do you use for your events?

A. We have a few different venues, which we party in and have memories for a lifetime. We are currently expanding the business so more people can experience a swingers party environment.

Q. Where do you host your big events?

A. We host to over 300 people at our big events at the UK hottest club venue in Luton called Penthouse Playrooms. They hosts the best nights for Secret Desires and we have a private house venue for small gatherings.

Q. Do you sponsor any adult online platforms that help you?

A. Yes we do have a We are also sponsored by one of the hottest app on the market called swinghub by vistacouple. To give the best night we can offer by having the app to communicate about events/meets.

Q. For our readers that want to find out more about your events where can they go to know more?

A. For your readers they can follow us on Instagram under secretdesireparty or S&D to keep up to date with our events.

Thank you so much for doing this interivew with us Secret Desires and letting our readers learn about you and your events.