Welcome Roxxy. Thank you for doing this interview with us.         

Q. Let’s start by letting the readers know who you are and what you do it the adult industry?

A. I am Roxxy, an independent single woman, mum of 1 with ambitions to compete in CrossFit over all the world 🌎. My role in the industry included Tv/cam Babestation models, content creator and a dominatrix.

Q. Most people have a curiosity about the adult industry and want to know how and why people get started in it. So could you let our readers know your journey into the adult industry?

A. I entered into the industry after being a survivor of domestic abuse. I feel empowered and strong in this role, it gives me the independence!

Q. What would you say was the biggest surprise to you when you first started in the industry?

A. The assumption that it is àaeasy and how so many judge you for something everyone does SEX ! Suck cock lol.

Q. You work for Babestation and won Babe of the Month August 2023. Congratulations. What do you enjoy most about working with them?

A. Babestation is a channel I always wanted to work for ever since I was young doing my dancing days, but never thought I was at that level, there a good supporting company always helping you to grow friendly, amazing studio. I love them xxx.

Q. In your work there are a lot of different fetishes and kinks. What are some of the more fun ones you get ask to do?

A. I mostly get asked for FemDom, spanking, dominatrix, caging and tapping myself to a chair.

Q. How has working in this industry changed your thoughts on the adult industry and sex?

A. That sex and love are completely separate. There is a difference between making an adult film and actually being intimate with a partner that you love, respect and want to please. This is something I wish more men would understand!!!!

Thank you so much Roxxy for this great interview and letting your fans get to know more about you.

To learn more about the amazing Roxxy check out her OnlyFans page