My Yarn Fetish

My Yarn Fetish

Hello My Yarn Fetish. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Q. Can you let our readers know who you are and what your company does?

A. My name is Kirsty and I stared my tiny crochet business in 2022 after
teaching myself to crochet during lockdown. I make anything kinky from
giant anal beads and sex toys to the bunnies that have become so popular!
I work entirely from home and everything I make is 100% handmade by

Q. What make you come up with the idea for your crochet bondage bunnies?

A. I started my business with a small stall at London Alternative Market. I was only selling crochet sex toys at the time, but I came home inspired!!! I fell in love with Shibari and tied up a bunny I had already made previously for the next market. It sold before the gates even opened. My friend suggested tying up the hands when he came to see my stall one month and that was the birth of my bondage bunnies. I sold out and never looked back. I am still trying to come up with a catchy name for them though!

Q. What have been some the things you have enjoyed about joining the kink

A. I can honestly say the kink community have welcomed me with open arms! I love working at kink events and seeing people’s faces when they set eyes on my stall. The number of times people have asked if they can actually use my giant crochet butt plugs is unreal! I have met some of the most amazing people and been given some incredible opportunities. I feel very lucky.

I have learnt that exploring yourself sexually and being in a kink environment is not the dirty, seedy place lots of people expect it to be, in fact they are the complete opposite. Everyone is friendly, helpful and willing to listen and talk about their experiences and lives without any expectations.

Q. You also make and sell pins. Could you let our readers know about them too please?

A. I started selling pins as a very small side hustle, when I worked at kink events, I love hunting for the rudest, silliest, pins possible! From day one they were a hit and I now have people coming to my stall just to buy pins! I know lots of my customers personally, so I love selling them pins that I know they would like to add their personalities and kinks.

Q. How can our readers get their hands on your amazing bunnies?

A. My bunnies are available at London Alternative Market the 3rst Sunday of every month and I will also be exhibiting at Expo Erotica this year. I also have a few other events in the pipeline and will be posting when and where on my page.I do accept some custom orders via my Instagram, so just drop me a DM if you would like me to make one up. It is only me on my own so I can only make so many each month. I also like that it keeps them exclusive as only so many people can have them.

Q. Lastly can you let our readers know what you have coming up for the rest this year?

A. I am busy busy busy this year!! As well as London Alternative Market every month I am working at the Queer weekender festival in July as well as sponsoring HOB events, UK fetish awards and Expo erotica. I still to this day can not believe that people like what I make and am blown away with all the love and support I have received.

Thank you very much Kirsty for letting our readers know more about My Yarn Fetish.

To get your own crochet bondage bunny check out My Yarn Fetish on Instagram and drop Kirsty a message.