Mistress Ella Eva

Mistress Ella Eva

Hello Mistress Ella Eva. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you let our readers know about yourself and your work?

A. Hello I am Mistress Ella Eva, a Dominatrix I have been doing this professionally for 14 years. My work is very varied and I get to meet some amazing people. I am extremely privileged to be able to bring fantasies to reality. I can not imagine doing any other job in the in world.

Q. What made you want to me a pro domme?

A. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I knew from a very young age and I wanted to work in the sex industry I was intrigued by page 3 and wanted to emulate the glamour and sex appeal of ladies on TV. As I got older my sexual relationships naturally developed into kink. When I was 18 I worked in porn for a short time and years later did webcam work, it was here where I gained a following, particularly for my feet and guys asked if I would seen them for real time foot worship and my Domination career was born.

Q. What would you say are some of the misconceptions people have about pro domme?

A. As you can imagine there is a considerable amount of knee jerk oh you kick the shit out of men statements. Largely formed from indulgence in unsophisticated highly sanitised sneak peek programming peddled by tv channels who see themselves as edgy. So where do I start? I do not whip men, well ok yes I do do that, quiet a lot. But the stinging bottom and the crack of leather is merely the external aesthetic. The submissive is taken into the inner sanctum of themselves with the protection and guidance of a person special enough to be a curator of fantasies, a provider of safety a manipulator of freedom which results in liberation. A Dominatrix will always have the well being of her subject not just in mind but as her focus.

Q. You also run fetish parties at your private studio in Stoke on Trent. What do your fetish parties involve?

A. My fetish parties are a lot of fun. I have a few of my fellow Pro Dommes and a few of my vanilla female friends and we see submissive as a group for up to an hour they have a private slot so their privacy is assured, we offer a range of kinks such as humiliation, foot worship and spanking.

Q. What are the most popular sessions you are asked to give?

A. As my style is very sexy and sensual I have a lot of tie and tease requests, breathplay and strap on play sessions. Many of my boys love my feet and this is always up there as popular theme. Humiliation is also something I get requested a lot, I really enjoy the psychological aspect of Domination.

Q. Can you let everyone know what you have coming up in the future?

A. Sure I have been working closely with a really great tog, @lukethetog and he has got a few magazine appearances lined up for me in the coming months. I am in Derby alongside @Mistressvixen next month and will be in Leeds and Bristol on tour this year. My next Spanx party will be April 26th.

Thank you very much Mistress Ella Eva for this great interview. Keeping shining lovely lady. 

To learn more about Mistress Ella Eva check out her website          www.mistressellaeve.com