Jasmine James

Jasmine James

Hello Jasmine James. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Q. Let’s start by letting the readers know who you are and what you do in the adult industry?

A. Well, hello there, I am Jasmine James the fiery red head that entered the adult industry in 2010, I have worked with many different companies, staring in different videos and magazines, as well as those adult tv screens. Some will know of me through the industry as well as doing comedy videos and car rally around Europe/UK. I currently now shoot more for myself as I love the interaction with the fans.

Q. What would you say was the biggest surprise to you when you first started in the industry?

A. The difference kinds of styles of shooting porn. I knew there was a lot of kinks/fetishes out there as I did a lot of research before, but one thing was learning that so many of us had the same kinks. Also not to mention learning new things I like that I never was into before.

Q. You have worked in England, Europe and America. Could you let us and the readers know what the similarities and differences are in working in these three places?

A. So I have shot mainly in the UK, a bit in Europe doing the fetish styles, which was amazing very chilled. I have never worked in America.. yet.

Q. I would say everyone has their different type of shoots and set days, as every company has there own niche and what works for them. I always found the company I have mainly worked for Killergram have always welcomed me in and created some epic footage over the years.

I would say both UK/ Europe have high standards on their work and always professional.

Q. You have worked for both Babestation and Brazzers. How was your experience working with them?

A. Being on Babestation was a new experience. It was fun to explore different ways of talking to the fans. It was hard at times however, this was good for my career. To get to know more of my fans. I loved the sets they had for us girls to use definitely inspired me to create one at home.

Working for Brazzers has been fun with so many different styles of shoots. I loved doing the comedy side for the intros as there were funny and silly. Home invasion with Danny D was the one that got people talking.

Q. We see you have also worked with the photographer company Killer Heels. What are some of your favourite styles of photos to take part?

A. Yes I shot with them twice this year, which was just epic! Killer Heels are very professional and has the best ideas to work with. I can not wait to shoot with them again next year.

There are so many different looks we did and all had their own oo lala. My favourites was the outfit I wore to the fetish awards black wig see through latex outfit. There was another one where I had a pink wig a lollipop. Some others I loved however I can not reveal just quite yet.. but let me just say some of them are just WoW! Not to mention what is coming this year!

Q. How has working in this industry changed your thoughts on the adult industry and sex?

A. I would say right now I definitely would say my thoughts of the industry has been changing due to the massive change within the industry. So many are creating more for themselves due to more sites being out there to be in control of there own footage and what the my do. Compared to when I first started it was more about shooting with companies and the TV channels and magazines.

Sex for me I do not have outside the industry, as I like to make sure I am all tested and ready to go if I have a shoot booked in. I have learned so much about sex and many ways of exploring during my time with the industry, I have learnt a lot from a podcast I love called Come Curious.

Q. We can imagine shooting content must be fun and keep you busy. Could you let our readers know any funny or intriguing stories that have happened on your shoots?

A. Oh yes I have definitely had a lot of fun on my shoots I am rather a goof ball at times. Shooting the BTS (behind the scene) was the most fun watching people doing their scene so I can get off to it as I know the fans love that style of BTS. And of course a few stories that I will keep to myself 😉

Q. What can your fans and expect from you in the future?

A. I have started doing my calendars, which I always wanted to do. So kicking 2024 with a good start. I will be filming a lot more, arranging content days with other performers which I so can not wait for. I will be selling more merchandise for the fans as requested.Also a few things I can not mention right now so all in good time ☺️

Thank you so much Jasmine James for this interview. Keeping shinning lovely lady

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