ITP Babes

ITP Babes

Hello ITP Babes. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you explain to our readers what ITP stands for and what you do as a support agency?


A. ITP Babes stands for Improving the Perception. That is very relevant for several reason. We want to improve the perception of the industry. We want to improve the perception of women who work in the industry and we want to improve the perception of the work we do as an agency as so many agencies have terrible perceptions based on many things.

Q. What made you come up with this concept for a support agency?

A. The support agency idea came around through years of interviewing performers, models and workers in the adult industry when I was a writer. I heard many stories about how girls were misrepresented, cheated, even hurt by agencies and I felt compelled to try to create something where women could feel safe and in control of their career whilst knowing they have back up from someone who has experience from inside the industry.


Q. How do you decide to work with the ladies that you do?

A. The girls we work with choose us for the most part. We do not have requirements on looks, follower counts or how much money they make. All we care about when someone joins ITP is they have the desire to support themselves and other girls in the industry. We will support anyone who needs it.

Q. If any lady reading this would like to join ITP babes what do they need to do?

A. For anyone who wants to join ITP they can visit the website and click on apply to be model. There is a few questions to answers.

Q. You represent ladies in America, Australia and Europe. Would you say there are differences working in this parts of the world compared to England?

A. There are big difference between how we support women in different countries due to time zones and our networks of photographers and publications. It is important though that the ethos of ITP Babes is global.

Q. It says on your X profile “design to give women the power and control in the modelling word”. Why is this important to you?


A. The reason that is important to us for women to have the power and control in the industry is because for too long they have been marginalised when they have done the hard graft. The women in today’s industry are intelligent, driven, creative and unfortunately under appreciated. Women in the industry need to be seen more, heard more and supported more and women supporting women is important for the Industry to grow stronger. Although I own ITP Babes we have women driving the direction of the business. Jade Scarratt is a massive part of the company and she runs a lot of the photoshoots from finding venues and photographers to ensuring all the girls are managed on the day and she inspires the other girls in ITP with her work ethic.

Q. Could you let our readers know what you have coming up this year?

A. This year we have more photoshoots and collaborations coming up. We are sponsors of OHHF events, which we are excited about and they have an event coming up in April which will be great. We will also hopefully be launching a calendar for 2025 too.

Thank you so much ITP Babes for allowing us to interview you and let our readers find out more about you and your events.

To learn more about ITP Babes and their events make sure you check out their website