Georgia Spice

Georgia Spice

Welcome Georgia Spice. Thank you being our first interview of 2024.

Q. Can you tell our readers who you are and what you do in the adult industry?

A. Hey, I am Georgia Spice and I am a glamour figure in the adult industry. I have done camming, OnlyFans for four years and many know me from Babestation, which I have been at the past 2 years and I also have been a stripper in Manchester for the past six years.

Q. A lot of people are curious how and why people get involved in the adult industry. So could you let our readers know how and why you got involved in the adult industry?

A. I think it starts off when an individual has that feeling inside of them, whether it is passion, ambition or curiosity who wants to get out there as a model, establish themselves, and generally want to get involved in the media and entertainment side of things whether it is adult stuff or not. That is what it was for me. I always knew I wanted to be that glam girl making moves, money and following my career choices, being myself as well as making an impact. As I got my head down the past few years I reached my accomplishment. I found that I can be independent, have work flexibility and find multiple ways to make money and knowing I can count on myself. Through this you can find more opportunities to grow and network but it is down to each individual and how bad they want it or what exactly each persons' goal is, as we all do things for different purpose, and some may not want the same path as me. As this new year comes I do not want to be in a box for “sex worker”. I want to represent women who go after what they want and not be labelled, and surprise the world with everything they want to do.

Q. When you started camming and your OnlyFans page, what were some of the challenges you came across and what surprised you when started?

A. When I was trying to start camming on Adultwork, I was approached by many agencies and I feel a lot of girls feel that is the only way you can do it. I tried it then stopped, as I had a boyfriend at the time so I could not commit to it, but it was that voice in my head even from then that I knew I wanted to try something glamour related. I then saw Chloe Khan who had an OnlyFans before it went viral over lockdown, and I was confident taking them type of photos at the time, so I wanted to also express myself and post those photos too as I always had a naughty side, and where else could we post them at the time? I made an account to take the next step into the direction I want to go. My boyfriend at the time found my page on my laptop whilst I was at work and broke up with me because he thought my replies to subscribers was cheating, this was only a week after I made my account, but obviously from a shock perspective seeing messages to other guys online (even though there was no nudity at the time, and I was only replying “hey babe” haha). But I never had any regrets as I said I was thinking what is my next step and a new venture for me, “when am I going to start being this glam girl I always thought of. I am here studying hospitality, working as a waitress (which I enjoyed), but when is my career gonna start off?” So I continued to post and start my OnlyFans single and started from lingerie levels, topless, implied nude, nude, open leg, toys etc.

However now after four years I will be going back to lingerie/glamour levels, which may be a challenge in itself, but I am slowly overcoming steps such as creating new content, and slowly deleting the old which I do not want on there, but also between keeping some on there for the time being until it is all cleared and as I keep it fair to everyone and not be in complete shock. I feel you can not just go from nude to implied lingerie overnight with the same subscription price etc (although if you delete too much content in on go - OnlyFans will flag you so it has to be a process anyway), but as I am doing it as a process and still doing it on your terms, it is about how you feel and how you want to be seen out there and in control of what they see. There has been a Xmas discount so it feels right, fair and fans can slowly get used to it, so it is less obvious so my shift happened at the right time. But that is the beauty of the industry, finding yourself, what you want to do, and I have always had supportive fans so I have had people on there from day one and they always liked me for who I was, my weird live streams eating, I am like why did I have so many subscribers when I looked so bad, haha but I love that as time goes on I can update and upgrade and they love being on that journey and seeing me grow. I never felt pressure to do anything well I do get the odd comments to sell sex tapes, but I can not post that to my page as of yet anyway that is where I have to draw the line only because of the next projects I want to do, porn is not my priority, yeah maybe out of curiosity as I mentioned earlier I can do, but it is not something that’s on my next things on my list to do. Other people hear OnlyFans and go straight into doing porn, of course sex sells, but as I also mentioned before we are all starting for different reasons, purposes and have different goals. So I kind of passively reply to them messages and say like I do not but feel free to sub to someone else, but they always come back, so I, and other girls do not need to fold into pressures, consumer demand is important yes, but when you are doing your stuff the right people will be attracted to you and what levels you want to bring to the table only. I went back to camming and I was confident in just playing out until I was cut off, so as you know you get paid per minute, but some guys wanted to call at the same time, and it was that confrontation of feeling like I am not just dancing naked in front of camera, there is actually a person there haha. So I use to hate calls and just be passive as I am moving, but you get used to it, which leads to your next question.

Q. You have worked with Babestation. How and why did you start working with them and how has the experience been so far?

A. I started when I finished University in March, and I found it was near me so I would start working there on the weekend until June where I moved back to Manchester and it has be easier for me to get to. I needed two names before I started for the application which then “Spice” was added and I have been able to find myself and my brand around that. I was used to camming, so that was fine, except now it was four streams I would be live on at once and learn to stall one when I am doing a private show on the other. I have had quite a bunch of followers and subscribers from BabeStation streams, which I am grateful for too as they have seen me live and like my vibe. I loved the thought of going on TV. I wanted to do my training, so I could get started, this for me felt like an upgrade. I could go to the studio, have my own room and cam properly without getting distracted at home saying “oh I’ll go on in a min, oh I’m tired now”so it helps me go into a workspace and workplace. TV was what I wanted to do, but I hated confrontational talking!! But as I knew why I was there, in a safe, supportive environment, I wanted to show them I could do well, so I answered the calls, learned to think and be in control of the situation. Then I surprised myself with what was coming out of my mouth and flowed smoothly. I actually enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it and hearing them on the phone too. Babestation have been the first real workplace I have been in where I have been accepted, supported, valued, and given opportunity to make more money, reliable with money, photo shoots, go to the main studios and felt welcome, part of the family and I really owe it to them I have so much love for the company.

Q. Last year you started domme work. What made you decide to start work in this field and what has it taught you about people’s fantasies?

A. I only ever owned a fangirl twitter and the past few years I stopped using it, as I was settling more into the industry and building my identity - I was like these glamour models are getting 100+k followers, I need to make an account. I made a model one and my suggestions were Findom and Femdom content all over my feed, and I realised hmm I can do that. So I made a domme account too and was getting pretty successful at cashmeets, hotel worship sessions and online cashapp. But then my account was taken down, my cashapp closed, so It was hard to build up, and I made a new domme account, finally built it up again and it closed my account down again. So I had no choice but to come back to my fangirl account, but I will not dare change my usernames or add as much content so it is quite vanilla with a hint of spiciness, also I have my back in the day favourite band members and bands followers, so I want to protect that account as much as I can as it is all my older memories on there. But before my account were closed down I would use it to my advantage using my work life balance, so my first encounter was when I went to see my favourite band in Liverpool and I put a tweet out like “Who wants to serve me in Liverpool” and I got someone who tributed to book a cashmeet, then on the train I ask for “reimburse subbies” got my train paid for, and then I got off, a sub was telling me he was stuck in work, but I got him to leave and he met me, went to the cashpoint gave me £100 and took me or a coffee and lunch and then I went to the gig! So it was a great start as I can travel, do what I want to do and get paid on my days off. So then I did it in Manchester, I tweeted out “Who wants to meet for a cashmeet/session” and I had my first hotel session where he tributed to talk, deposited for hotel, paid at hotel, paid for extra time, took some content and charged him extra, got me food, left, then I managed to have another session that night so I made £700. So that was my first experience being a domme and I still speak and do sessions with my first hotel sub, I ask subs what they would like to cover in a session and then I would write it in my notes and try cover them one by one as I was fairly new to it, got them to make me brews and be on their knees for me and thought “hmm I could get use to this”. But my payment methods are bank for any tribute or deposit I do not accept amazon wish list etc as I want it direct, then the rest they can choose to bring cash on the day or transfer. So the fetishes that usual people would say “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done” I now don’t feel anything is weird and I am fetish friendly as I want people to be able to come to me to live out these fantasies. So domme work I have covered kinks such as; face sitting on them treating them as a chair, ball busting which I’ve done many times with and without heels, foot worship, ass worship, spitting on them, standing on them, slapping them then I got more femdom requests where I would invest and got myself a BBC strap on, I took a few subs virginities, but some just want to suck it.

Q. How do you feel you have changed as a person since being in the adult industry?

A. I feel I have grown and found myself, established myself, grown my audience, built loyal fans on the journey, and built the connections and around the community I want to represent proudly and help any way I can. Feeling like I am not the only one so when I joined groups I then want to represent and get my story out there and be relatable, as people see my achievements but do not realise the discipline I’ve had to get it, and things I have had to learn from scratch which I why I put out free Youtube videos to help content creators, for example on onlyfans and other platforms, insights of me in the industry such as getting my boobs done, I have recently uploaded “Georgia Spice - Life in the Glamour Industry” where people can see what a typical day or week is like for me, also I did a learning tutorial on how I made my prints on canva to sell, so this could help another woman be like “she did it, I can do it” sometimes people just need that push and guidance that I never had. I feel like I am progressing how I want to and now aligning with my purpose and what I want to bring out next.

A. As well as working in the adult industry you have set up Spicing Up Women. Could you explain to our readers what this is and what you want to achieve with it?

Q. Yes so relating to the previous answer, I now want to represent in the industry, be a leader and make an impact in some way, have my own brand, spread that and I progressed a lot after my breakup and going on this full journey on my own, I was learning a lot about mindset and entrepreneurial endeavours reading books to help my mind expand which I feel not many of us are exposed to. So I saw empowering pages on my instagram, and knowing it has helped me so much and expanded my self belief and abilities - thought I want to do that too, but with my own touch and edge, and influence all the women I have got on my page over the years that may be feeling in that similar place and just needs a push guidance. I was more consistent on it but I have had to do much to post and going on on my main account, however I am currently working on a new big project for it behind the scenes which will all relate as well with my fashion page.

Thank you so much Georgia for this great interview and letting your fans get to know more about you.

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