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Fusion Photographics

Hello Fusion Photographics. Thank you for doing this interview

Q. Can you start by letting our readers know who you are and what you do in the adult world?

A. Hi all, my name is Wayne Bracey and Fusion Photographics is my photography company. My main area within the adult world is as a glamour and fetish/BDSM photographer

Q. What made you get into photography?

A. It all started many years ago, when I started working as an apprentice hairdresser. The salon I worked at often held her photographic sessions there and I would be asked to assist. After the first couple off shoots I got the bug, I enjoyed being around helping out seeing what positions to best put the models. I then decided to buy myself a camera, get myself a few second hand lights and with the help a family and friends I set about putting together a very amateur portfolio. Once I felt I had a relatively good knowledge of how to create my own shoot I then decided the glamorous side of the industry was where I wanted to go. Up until a few years ago this was my main focus in photography.

Q. You recently started shooting fetish style BDSM genre. What made you move into this genre?

A. I started a few years ago messing about within the fetish and BDSM genre, this scene has always intrigued me. I have always felt my kinks let me down that road, so it was obvious to me that this area would be more beneficial as a photographer and a kinkster.

Q. What do you feel fetish styles of shoots offer you when you are doing your shoots?

A. Due to the fact that my kinks lend me to the fetish and BDSM genre work, I can work with a better understanding of what is appealing and interesting to shot. I  look at it from two different sides, the photographer, looking at the scenario as a whole and seeing how this works as an image, and the kink side of me, does this picture appeal to me and appeal to my kinks and justice excite me in a way other people from the scene would film.

This lends me to work with models who are not the norm, and by this I mean not your general typical model style female, and it gives certain women to try modelling how to play out some of that darkest secrets, that they would normally keep to themselves or the bedroom. These models generally relax a lot quicker, enjoy the shoot a lot more and on some occasions get overly excited, as a photographer this works better for me because if the model is enjoying the experience this shows up in the photo.

You would generally find prior to the shoot, I will always discuss levels of work, limitations and what I mean by that is what level the model will be happy working too and that is the level we work to, no model will ever be asked to go higher than that, but a lot of the time the model will happily change their mind. Please remember when I shoot I am offering to shoot nude, adult magazine levels, toys and harder shots , so every model has the opportunity to decide where they want to shoot to.

Q. Networking in the adult industry is very important. Do you work with other companies in the industry and if so who have you worked with and how has this help you develop?

A. I have been very privileged to have worked most recently with quite a few different companies on product promotions for their own website. Two of these companies Percycutes and Cut Throat Monkeys. These two companies have given me products to shoot two collaborate on their Instagram and their web pages. This I find is invaluable, as we both win from the shoot, plus I get the opportunity to work in a different genre with different types of models.

Within the adult industry I have recently started working with a company called mythirst who are an adult sexy toy and clothing company who produce and sell some amazing fetish BDSM style harnesses, which look amazing in shoots, but I have been working very closely for many years now with a dear friend of mine who owns Luxilunge he has helped me so much with sending out new products you toys you fetish and BDSM clothing and I could not I have got this far as I have.

In the last few months, I have been submitting some work to an American magazine called weonlyusmagazine. I have submitted and had published two sets of mine and will be very soon publishing a full edition of my work

Q. Could you let our readers know what you have coming up for the rest of the year?

A. What has the rest of the year got in store? I have quite a few fetish and BDSM style shoots planned for the summer. I do not want to give to much away, but they will be very hot, very steamy and very fetish!! These shoots are specifically designed to submit some sets to a magazine that I have been wanting to get involved with for a long time, Jaded Magazine will be showcasing some of my work in there July edition and I am hoping to work closely with them over the next few months with new shoots.

I will also be on the lookout for any models who would be wanting to try modelling either glamour or fetish in a safe friendly environment. I have one shoot I am desperately wanting to shoot but it is very niche, not for the faint hearted, but the shoot will be amazing. So if any of your readers want to know more just give me a shout out!!

I will also be looking for different fetish or erotica magazines to submit work. I am potentially showcasing my work in a very small gallery scenario at the end of the year.

Thank you very much Wayne Bracey for letting our readers know more about Fusion Photographics

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