Doxy Models

Doxy Models

Hello Doxy Models. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Q. Could you explain to our readers who you are and what you offer?

A. Doxy models is a webcam modelling agency, which also has departments for content creators and published models. We offer models training and support to either begin or grow their business within the adult industry no matter which avenue they use for revenue. Doxy Models recognises the industry need for content creation and social media engagement to enhance models fans and traffic and to open the door to many more opportunities within the industry.

Q. What made you set up the agency?

A. After spending two years as a webcam model, a year with a different agency, I saw a lot of the issues that models faced within the industry. It can be a very dog eat dog word and it was breaking my heart seeing models competing for the top spot. At Doxy we believe there is space at the top for everyone and I wanted Doxy to be a real safe space for models to be authentic and accepted and to have other girls around them who are also pushing them to win. Wanted to offer an agency which would deliver wider opportunities to models within the industry as a whole so we support models to build fan sites, we book photographers and studios for photo shoots and we submit our models to magazines to be published.

At Doxy we wanted to keep a low agency fee with the maximum benefits and we believe were delivering that and more!

Q. What would you say makes your company different from other webcam modelling agencies?

A. As agent and owner of Doxy, I am legally qualified, which gives models the added benefit of knowing we are a legitimate agency with legal advice in house available to all models.

Doxy does not just focus on one streaming site for our models, we advise on fan sites, item selling sites, social media creation and engagement. We teach our models to run their profiles like a real business. In addition, we work with several magazines which gives our models an opportunity to get published. We already have two models who have been on front covers with more coming soon.

We keep our group chats small between 50-60 models and each group chat has a manager and team of Doxy stars to advise and support. Small group chats gives models personalized training and support which we believe is the key to success.

We pride ourselves on the safe space we offer to our models, all models feel safe, supported and happy and friendships blossom so beautifully between all the models as they cheer and support each other to success.

Q. On your website you advertise a content creator course. Could you explain what this is and how it works?

A. Once a model has registered with us, they get immediate access to our six week webcam modelling and content creator course, with over 180 lessons in all areas of cam and content creation from discovering your niche, setting your schedule, equipment, social media training, content and clothing, the course offers everything a model will need to be successful with their cam and content creation business. Although webcam modelling and content creation are two very different things, we believe there is a cross over which can be utilized to ensure one compliments the other giving multiples streams of income to models.

Q. To ladies reading this interview and are thinking of joining your agency, what would you say are the main benefits of signing to yourself?

A. Models can sign up to us completely free. Your agent will contact you for a chat so we can get to know each other a little and I can assess where you are on your journey and develop a personalized training and support plan. You will benefit from a low 10% agency fee (lowest on the site) we do not ask for any additional fees. You will be added to the Doxy group chat where you can begin forming relationships in the industry and making friends. You will benefit from a

Training call with your agent or manager to set your goals and intentions and we will check in with you regularly to offer additional support if needed. We have regular events, sleepovers and meet ups where you can fill up your social calendar. Models always feel supported and loved at Doxy, that is our main priority.

Q. What have you got planned for the rest of the year with your agency?

A. Doxy has a very exciting year ahead! We have recently come to some agreements with magazines to offer features, interviews and covers to our models. We are researching and moving across to an additional streaming site to offer models yet another stream of income. We have some exciting events planned from photoshoots to a fantastic summer event which will be free to all our models. Doxy is also going be attending Expoerotica this year! We are focusing on collaborating with other businesses and growing the opportunities for our models as we take 2024 by storm!

Thank you very much for this interview Doxy Models.

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