Cindy Sun

Cindy Sun

Hello Cindy Sun. Thank you for this interview.

Q. Could you start by explaining who you are and want you do in the adult industry?

A. I am Cindy Sun. I am located in Finland. I am a porn actress, camgirl and a stripper.

Q. You are based in Finland, but travel to England for work too. What would you say are the differences or similarities between working in these to countries?

A. Well I travel to England to shoot some content for my own platforms and I also do some paid shoots for UK porn producers. In Finland I do not film that much, but I am doing lots of cam performing and striptease gigs.

Q. How was your experience working in America?

A. I love America. Very professional and extremely nice people. Just a lot of paper work but even though I am actually planning a trip over there quite soon again.

Q. Could you let our readers know what are your favourite scene to film and why?

A. Funny, I love all kinds of scenes, but I think my favourites are interracial scenes with a multiple performer in it. Please do not ask why. I really can not explain that is just something I enjoy for real.

Q. Are there any type of scenes you have not filmed and would like to in the           future?

A. Well there was a position I have always wanted to do. In the scene there is two girls and one guy and my ass would be on top of another girl and a man comes behind us and fucks us both changing the pussy.. but well, I did that just a couple weeks ago so I need to find another thing I would like to do in the future.

Q. You also do striptease. What do you like about stripping that is different            from doing adult content?

A. When I am doing striptease performing I can actually meet my fans and it is just so awesome to see their mesmerized faces when I do tricks with my body. Tips are appreciated too. And I guess I am just a show type of girl so get some good vibes during performing, hopefully I send good vibes too.

Q. Away from the adult world what do you like to do in your spare time?

A. In my spare time I like to walk, play and train my dog. I also enjoy going to the gym. I am a fan of WWE and ice hockey. In Finland it is very easy to follow ice hockey, but if I want to see WWE live I need to travel. I have actually visited in London now for a couple of times just to see some friends of mine and because WWE event has been there.

Q. When you comes to WWE who are your favourite wrestlers and have you ever made any WWE type porn?

A. My favorite wrestlers are definitely Jey Uso, The Bloodline, Seth Rollings and Charlotte Flair.

I have not done any porn like that and it would be a bit hard for me to see          myself in that situation. I do know there is a lot of wrestling type of porn, but I do not really think it is for me.

Q. Lastly, could you let your fans know what you have planned for the rest of this year?

A. Plans for this year oh dear, I wish I would know them hahaha. Well I thinks it is time to go back to America, so that is what I am planning at the time. I have actually even made a booking to the hotel in LA so I guess that means I am going. Now I just need to figure out what exactly I will be doing there so just watch me..

I would Like to make another trip to UK as well this year, but I am very busy in Finland at the time so lets  see how everything works out in the end.

All I can say there is a lot of work to this year and I am excited!!!

Thank you very much for this great interview Cindy Sun. Keep Shining lovely lady.

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