Born To Be Bad

Born To Be Bad

Hello Born to be Bad. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Q. Can you let our readers know what and who is Born to be Bad?

A. Born to be Bad hosts events for adult content creators to network & collaborate with others in the industry. It was set up by Tori / Booty Queen. However Summer Brooke wanted to also do the same thing so we joined forces! We actually met at a similar event and became best friends, so it made a lot of sense for us to do it together!

Q. Why do you decide to start Born to be Bad?

A. We had gone to a few events in the past and found a few things we did not like how the events were being run.

We wanted to make a safe space for creators to meet up, feel comfortable and supported each other as much as possible. It is a very nerve wracking experience, when you do not know what to expect. So we thought making a friendly environment for people to take the step into meeting new people in the industry and being able to work with others was important.

Q. When you put on your events who are you aiming them at and why did you choose those people? 

A. Our events are for any verified adult content creators to attend! New to the industry or been around for years – you are all welcome!

We wanted a space where newbies in the industry could meet more experienced people and be able to network with them and potentially work together.

Q. Can you explain to our readers what usual happens at your events?

A. We have a group chat set up before each event where they can talk, share what they want to do at the event etc. Find people to collab with if they want to. So then when it comes to our events we have a space for them to network with each other. Then we also have rooms with different themes, which people can book a time slot to use. In the time slot they can choose whatever they want to use it for whether it is just PG pics or vids, TikToks, filming more explicit stuff etc and again they can decide if they want to work with other people in this time slot.

Q. How and where do you advertise your events?

A. We advertise on Instagram and X for our events. Being in the industry ourselves has helped with finding people who would be interested in this type of thing and we have been lucky a lot of people have shared our event info and we have had lots of people enquire from word of mouth.

Q. So you have a vetting for content creators and what does that entail?

A. We only accept people who have an active ID’d sex worker site such as Onlyfans, Manyvids, AdmireMe etc and are actively promoting their work on social media. We check out their links and socials and if need be also ask for references from people.

Safety of our attendees are most important to us and we do this to eliminate any chancers who pretend to be in the industry to meet porn stars.

Q. Can you let our readers know what you have coming up in 2024?

A. We have our Easter themed Event on the 1st of March which we can not wait for! Unfortunately our main venue has had changes so we can not book for a Saturday. So we are trialling a Friday to see how it goes. In the meantime we are looking for more venues around the UK so it’s more accessible for more creators! We are hoping to have something else booked in for July time.

Thank you so much Born to be Bad for allowing us to interview you and let our readers find out more about you and your events.

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