Aaliyah Yasin

Aaliyah Yasin

Hello Aaliyah Yasin. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Q. Could you let our readers know about yourself and your work?

A. Hi! I am Aaliyah Yasin, a 26 year old Pakistani Muslim adult content creator.

Q. You started making porn in February 2021. What made you decide to enter this profession?

A. I first started to make porn in 2021 after seeing so many articles of girls who had made a decent earning off OnlyFans, I decided to make an account and posted my very first picture which were of my feet. I started to become more daring in my content and went into the world of NSFW, started to post a little more naughtier content to until I decided to make my first solo porn tape!

It was a means for extra income, but I also love showing off. I was married at the time, it did not work out, but I started to thrive after the relationship ended.

I met DirtySpringbok and started to create B/G content with him and became more and more popular.

Q. Can you let our readers know is there a certain genre of porn that you specifically in?

A. Being a Pakistani woman who grew up in a very strict Muslim background, I am very aware of fantasies and romances that are envisioned by the asian community, I specialise in Hijabi & Desi pornography as I am able to create stories and characters through my work and I love it!

Q. In July 2022 you decided to reveal your face. Why did you make that decision and was it a hard decision for you?

A. After being an OnlyFans girl for over a year, where I primarily made hijab and faceless desi content, which was solo and then B/G when I met my boyfriend, I knew I wanted to branch out and start collating. I am Bi-Sexual and wanted to explore my content further through other creators.

After months of discussions with Alexander (DirtySpringbok), I decided in July 2021 to show my face. I knew that with a muslim family it would not be easy if they find out what I do, this made it an extremely difficult decision for me, but I knew that this was the way forward in my career.

Q. Do you feel there is a gap in the adult industry for Asian adult content creators and if so, why do you think this is?

A. There is definitely a huge gap in the adult industry for Asian adult content creators, I have been approached by so many faceless creators who say they wish they were as brave as me but can not do it due to the fact that it’s much more controversial within our communities.

It is great to see creators such as Yasmina Khan, Jasmine Sherni, Sarah Arabic and Marina Maya pop up now and become more and more popular in this industry.

Q. How do you feel the adult industry and the public perspective has changed towards Muslim adult content creators?

A. I do get a lot of hate in the industry for being a Muslim Content creator, but also the industry embraces creators like us and it is great to see diversity within that. When it comes to certain parts of the public, like the Asian communities themselves, a lot more hate is projected towards us, that we are creating a bad name, although the majority of subscribers are from the same background

Q. To all your amazing fans can you let them know what you have coming up in the future?

A. To all my amazing fans, I have got so many big things planned for myself this year, I have just had my breast augmentation and I have been bouncing back slowly from that, it was the best decision I have made as I have been struggling with my self image since I lost all my weight (35kg lost) and it is given me a boost of confidence.

I am looking at doing many more mainstream scenes and getting much more popular on all platforms, I want to be one of the biggest Pakistani Muslim content creators in the world!

I love my fans and how much support I have had so far in this industry.

Thank you so much Aaliyah Yasin for this interview. Keep shinning lovely lady.

To learn more about the amazing Aaliyah Yasin check out her bio links www.linktr.ee/thatbritishgirl