Mistress Tess

Mistress Tess

Hello Mistress Tess. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you let our readers know who you are and what your work involves?

A. I am Mistress Tess, I am a Professional (and lifestyle) Dominatrix in Berkshire, England. My role as a Professional Dominatrix is to orchestrate and desire BDSM / fetish sessions with clients to bring their kinky dreams to life of being under the control, guidance and / or suffering of a truly Dominant seductive sadist whom thrives in her work.

Q. How and why did you become a mistress?

A. Once I discovered Professional Domination the realisation dawned on me that personaility traits and sexual preferences I had long had belonged under a “label” of sorts. I have also be the head of my family, reliable, hard working and the decision maker.

A. First time I put something in a mans ass was my first husband at just 18! But discovering Professional Domination was an accident, I have been in the amateur modelling scene for a year and one day I had a photographer come to my home to shoot me in liquid latex as it happens. When I stripped naked for him to paint Me,he repeatedly kept bringing up how nice My feet are, eventually asking to kiss them in exchange for money. I thought the exchange odd, but not the request itself, which was when he implored me to research foot fetish, of course I typed that into Google and the first thing to come up is Professional Dominatrices. The rest is history!

Q. To someone reading this and thinking about becoming a mistress what advice could you offer them?

A. Invest in yourself constantly. Do workshops, read books, research peers your admire and read their blogs. You really do need your own Professional website to build your brand and be taken seriously and strengthen that brand with regular blog posts, multiple avenues to access your marketing such as social media and content creation.

Q. What are your favourite parts of being a Mistress?

A. Freedom of choice. Being in control of what I do with my time, how often I work, where I work, what I spend my money on, which subs I choose to see. I am a control freak and I love that I have control of my own life in it’s completeness. When in session, the power surge is intoxicating, I start all my sessions with a sub kneeling unless they have previously identified in application as masochist or kinkster and I have agreed to see them. That ritual really does assist in the power hierarchy establishment in the room.

Q. Has there been anything you have been to ask to do that at first shocked or even make you laugh to yourself?

A. I do not laugh at session requirements, I move away from the term “ weird” and describe more as “unique” requests. I have often been shocked though due to some clients inability to defer from fantasy and reality. As I have become an established Professional in the FemDom scene the shocking has become less and less but some previous session requests that come to mind that have taken me aback previously have been one gentleman with a crush fetish whom begged me to run over his limbs with his car or the sub that wanted me to bury him alive on the farm I used to live on.

Q. What type of person comes to see you and why do you think those type come to you?

A. A lot of whom applies to see me comes from the marketing I put out there. I know this from previous putting out a lot of strap on / feminisation content at a time where both lifestyle partner and a part time live in slave had a feminsation side to them. So, down to convenience a lot of my content was made with them and that pulled in those types of applications. More recently, I have put out more sadistic content involving impact play and ballbusting as I am now playing with that a lot in my personal life and again creating content from that.

Q. You are launching your first Gynarchy Gathering on the 26th April. Could you let our readers know what this event is all about?

A. The event is born as an offshoot to my slavery training threc day event held every year in June. I want to create a club night space that is run by a Matriarch for Matriarchs. An evening of Female Domination indulgence along with opportunities for education and entertainment. There will be shows, workshops, play demonstrations, a rubber corner and an abundance of dungeon furniture to play on since the venue itself has it’s own dungeon furniture / play area and Benchmarxx is supporting Gynarchy Gathering with their dungeon kit hire service, setting up extra beds, benches and swings through the club.

It is held at the Vanilla Alternative adult club in Tempsford, Sandy in Bedfordshire. The positive to being at a private very large and well equipped adult club means that Gynarchy Gathering will have no restrictions on play as other FemDom club nights seem to have as their run their evenings from nightclubs which have licensing complications.|

At Gynarchy Gathering you shall be free to express any of your kinky play desires and dreams such as strap on, watersports, needle play and much more!

Q. To people that want to learn more about Gynarchy where can they go to learn more?

A. You can follow Gynarchy Gathering on X by searching for @GynarchyG. The event is also listed on Fetlife on link: www.fetlife.com/events/1463672
Then tickets and information on the event can be found on the website: GynarchyGathering.co.uk

Q. Lastly as well as your first Gynarchy event can you let everyone know what you have coming up in the future?

A. Should this pilot event prove a success you can expect to see at least one of two more Gynarchy Gathering club nights on in 2024. As I previously mentioned I have an intense slave training three day event called Gynarchy Governance in June this year.

Thank you very much for this great interview Mistress Tess.Keep shinning lovely lady.

To find out more about Mistress Tess and her events make sure to check out her website: www.mistress-tess.co.uk