Swingathon is the biggest alternative festival in the UK and is set to be bigger and better than ever with a full line-up of entertainment over three days from 18th–21st July in Lincolnshire. With live performances, stalls, a full three-day line-up and much more, you would be mad to miss this annual event!

So let us ask the amazing Vee some questions about this event. Hello Vee. Thank you for taking the time to talk about Swingathon.

Q. Could you explain to our readers what Swingathon is all about?

A. Swingathon is a festival which celebrates everything about the lifestyle in a safe and inclusive space, created by Mr Swingathon himself, Matt Cole. This year especially, with the collaboration with Fetfest, we welcome individuals from all walks of life, and endeavour to cater for their desires. There will be demonstrations and workshops including wax, electric and rope play, which enables people to try new experiences safely and with understanding.

Q. This will be your fourth year running the event. How would you say the event has grown and changed over the four years?

A. I think we could say that the first year was a little trial and error, with us never having organised an event on this scale previously. However, we have learnt from year to year, improving facilities, attracting more acts through networking and partnership, and especially collaborating with Fetfest this year. People have more faith in an established event than they may in a starter, and word of mouth has been terrific from repeat attendees. We have made so many great friends throughout, some of whom also contribute to the festivals success.

Q. What do you hope people will experience at your event this year?

A. Everything they desire! Seriously, we have tried to include something for everyone, and where there are gaps, we can aim to fill them next year thanks to the terrific feedback we always receive. In addition to the demonstrations etc., as mentioned above, there will be live music, games and some fantastic performances. We completely take on board that the lifestyle is constantly evolving and will work hard to ensure that the festival evolves with it.
For example it would be great to get something like the Circus of Horrors onboard for the Fetish side in future.

Q. You have a number of exhibitors include performers, workshops-where you can learn new skills. Could you explain who some of them are? 

A. Where to start?! We have drag acts, I dare not mention one without all, I will be hung! They have a version of Blind Date and Naked Attraction planned, which should be interesting! Comedy acts, live music, intimate massage - which is very good for helping with communication and heightening experiences, Burlesque and Cabaret – providing both entertainment and empowerment, and we also have dress up themes of fiesta and decades, which allows everyone to be a part of the festival, as well as providing fun and nostalgia. Shibari - intricate rope play which will be showcased at one of the demonstrations, along with the wax and electric play as mentioned. It is important to provide safe exploration from
professionals in some of these more niche activities, as they can be potentially dangerous if not understood and carried out correctly. We provide a platform for this, broadening the experiences of those who are interested.

Q. On your website you advertise glaming tents for your guests. Could you explain how this work?

A. We have engaged with a company who provides the tents, and attendees have the option to book one of these ‘luxury’ accommodations or provide their own, which may be a tent or motorhome etc. The glamping tents include electric hook-up, two double ‘beds’ with thick foam mattresses and Indian covers and cushions, a small tray table with placemat – plant - hurricane light, rugs, lantern and mirror. Outside will have both solar and bulb lights. The only thing needed is some bedding and a domestic extension cable.

Thank you so much Vee for taking the time to explain Swingathon 2024 and letting our readers know what to expect. 

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