HOS Revenge Gets Spanked

HOS Revenge Gets Spanked

House of Spank presents Revenge gets spanked on 25th of August as part of the Brighton Fetish Week. So let’s find out more

Hello Miss Red Ness. Thank you for doing this interview.

Q. Could you let our readers who you are and amount your event?

A. I am Miss Red Ness, I took over Spank in the beginning of 2021 from my friends who moved away. I have always loved a Spank night in the past and wanted to make an even better club night, so I added a few extras to the night, as in a Shibari Corner and a photo booth, where you can make memories from that special night.

I also changed the name to House of Spank, to imply the bigger choice of fetish friendly components to the night. Never bored at a Spank night.

As it is a fetish friendly event, we do not allow our guests to take their own photos. In respect to all who come out in fabulously sexy or full-on fetish outfits. What happens at Spank stays at Spank!

Q. What can people that come to this event expect?

A. What to expect at a House of Spank event? Expect the unexpected. Fabulous outfits, a perfect place to try out Shibari or the Spanking Parlour, both manned by helpful and sexy monitors. We have a few rules, mostly around consent and nudity.


Is a great one to start with, and always be respectful, as there is a lot of visual expression at our party, it can be quite confusing for some where the boundaries go. So here is one, no full on nudity, boobs and bums are allowed, and no sex, it is a flirtatious event, rather than a sex party.

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. There is a dress code and usually a theme to go by. Last theme was Space, anything sexy and out of this world, it was such a fun theme.

This time, as we are collaborating with Revenge, which is a more queer type of party, with no dress code. So this theme is your Fetish Best, so you have lots of choice to get creative with.. here is just a few

Dress code: Fantasy, Fetish, Latex/Leather, Body Art, Drag, Goth, Uniform, Burlesque, Medical, Cabaret/Showgirl, Steampunk, Carnival, Cyber, Lingerie, OTT dinner dress etc. All plain black is not considered an outfit, so if you just throw on a black shirt and black trousers, you will not get in, and a suit for men is not enough unless it is completely ott tops and tails with accessories.


We are strict on this, as if you come to a party with a full on outfit and someone has not made any effort, it is a killer for our vibe. Our door bitch DeDe Flowers and myself will check you in at the door! It is the dressing up that makes it a special event and of course our Spankers, we have about a third of our guests come back to the next party, because they are only quarterly and such a good vibe!

Q. You have mention on your socials that you will have different acts on the night. Could you let our readers know what the acts will involve?

A. The acts are usually weird and wonderful walk abouts and from local or London ways. We have had everything from stripping to alien acrobatics to a bed of nails act watch out ..

All will be revealed a few weeks before the event. Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts @house.of.spank and SpankBrighton.

Q. How would you say the spank scene as grown and changed since you started?

A. I think the biggest change that has occurred since I took over the event is more diverse guests, we have people coming from Manchester, The Shires and from all over Sussex and Kent and a more mixed age group is welcomed. If you are part of the Spank Family and come regularly, you will feel the love. I know we all do behind the scenes.

We are very inclusive but exclusive. So all genders are welcome and from all walks of life, at House of Spank we make a safe space for you to be your alter ego or your true self for a night of deviance in a respectful but crazy fun surroundings. I can not wait to for The Revenge gets Spanked party! It is a bigger venue, so room for more Spankers to have fun! It’s going to be even more fabulous than a regular House of Spank night! If that is even possible ,) Can not wait to see you all on the dancefloor!

Thank you so much Miss Red Ness for taking the time to explain Revenge gets spanked and letting our readers know what to expect.

Make sure to follow House of Spank on X and Instagram and to find our more information and to book your tickets click on the link www.spankbrighton.co.uk