House of Bathory

House of Bathory

Q. Hello House of Bathory. Thank you for this interview. Can you explain to our readers what House of Bathory Events is?


A. So House of Bathory Events is an events business for adult content creators. We have aimed at alternative and fetish creators, but our events are open to all creators.

Q. You have your Pre-Launch Event is coming in January. What will this involve?

A. Our Pre-Launch Event is in January and will be a mixture of content based and networking. We will have our Head photographer Elizabeth Hunny from Elizabeth Images and Twisted Edge Magazine there to capture everyone’s snaps.

We will also have alternative performances for entertainment and a raffle for prizes.

Q. When will the main launch event be?

A. After our pre-launch in January we will be holding a main launch in April, which will be a full day for content and an evening of networking. We create a safe space for adult professionals to come and get the content they need for their platforms and create an atmosphere where they will feel at ease and can network with other likeminded creators. Many creators have approached us to say they are not alt and may be do not fit into our events but it is completely open to all. 

Maybe creators may want to broaden their horizons!

Q. What will your venue offer?

A. Our venue is absolutely huge with over 30 rooms to film in. We are so lucky to be supported by such big names including:

Honour Clothing

Skin Two

Twisted Edge Magazine

My Yarn Fetish


Fet Fest

Elizabeth Images

And of course, yourselves.

Q.We heard you will be hosting a special festival in July next year. What will that be?

A. We will also be hosting the First Ever Content Creator Festival in July 2024 with Fet Fest! There is some really exciting things to come for adult industry performers with House of Bathory Events.

Q. Who runs House of Bathory Events?

A. House of Bathory Events is run by Onyx and Vargr Bathory who are adult professionals themselves. We want to create a safe space for all creators. Each application for a ticket goes through a thorough verification process and ensures that everyone who attends is a genuine performer

This ensures the safety of all attendees.

Thank you so much House of Bathory for this great interview.

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